sementherapy (sementherapy) wrote,

Dreams do come true:

"What if we lived in a world where women knew that they could eat whatever they wanted, and never gain weight, as long as they swallowed a teaspoon of fresh cum each day. Perhaps even lose weight if they swallow two..." or three???


Scientists have found that if an obese woman swallows semen with every meal, after a week or so, a natural bodily process called "cachexia" kicks in.

Cachexia is the process that causes the rapid fat loss in some extreme cancer patients. The body decides to use all the excess fat, "reserve fat" and so by heating it up, the body melts it, liquefies it, and then absorbs what it can and evacuates the rest.

Guinness Book of World Records "Worlds Fattest Woman" lost her crown and 100 lbs from what she describes as marathon sex with her ex-husband... taking in up to seven loads of his semen per day.

Please see for details.

Demand for "Medical Semen" just went through the roof.
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